Disappointed in Enyart

October 16, 2013 

I read with interest the article "Enyart defends his 'no' votes" by Mike Fitzgerald. I believe when a congressman is elected by the people, he should vote the way the people in his district believe.

Rep. Bill Enyart was the lone "no" vote on funding military chaplains during this shutdown of the government.

As a former Marine I find it despicable that Enyart, a former general, does not recognizes the importance of military chaplains. A chaplain helped my wife find me to let me know my wife had a baby daughter while I was on an exercise.

The rest of his 'no' votes were directed by his Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Has Enyart joined the ranks of the far-left loons? I hope not.

Robert A Claus Sr.


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