Blame to go around for shutdown

October 16, 2013 

Maybe I missed something, but how can anyone think that the government shutdown was entirely the Republicans' fault? When did taking a firm stance against wasteful government spending, whether it be Obamacare or other programs, become obstructionism?

We as a nation cannot afford to keep increasing debt at the rate that we are. We need to stop giving President Obama a blank check. Did he not stand against raising the debt ceiling when he was a congressman, or was that another "red line" moment when he spoke before he thought?

And how politically obvious can you get in regard to what gets shut down? Are national parks and war memorials really high priority areas to cut?

How about we cut spending on many of the nonsensical government research programs, subsidization of public broadcasting and the NEA, and legislative salaries for a start? How many wasteful legislative staff members could have been furloughed?

The president needs to stop using the citizens of this country as pawns. Maybe he could call his buddy Russian President Vladimir Putin to bail him out again.

James J. Price


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