Who's for the working class?

October 18, 2013 

I believe there are many old-school Democrats who hearken to the days of President Clinton --who in my opinion was a moderate and not a liberal -- and President Kennedy, who pretty much was a conservative.

Kennedy proposed and got passed the largest tax cut in our nation's history. Those are also the days when I truly believe the Democratic Party represented the working class of people who were the middle class in this country.

But the Democrats today only pander to the welfare scammers and the illegal immigrants. I see it at the national level all the way down to the local level.

I disagree with some of the social issues the Republicans push, but they have at least been true to one cause: protecting the economic interests of businesses and business owners. Commerce and production create new dollars and new jobs. Transforming raw materials into finished goods creates new dollars. Government spending does not. No matter how the government spends the money, it is not creating new dollars.

Which group do you belong to? Which group will you support?

The conservatives promise prosperity and growth and the liberals promise ease and comfort. But that prosperity comes at the price of hard work and persistence, which is counterculture to a large number of our citizens.

Our assistance programs are bountiful and are being enjoyed by many of our citizens. However, while these assistance programs maintain the populace, they provide no means to escape the trap and provide for oneself.

Brad Sewell


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