Honor and integrity long gone

October 19, 2013 

In his letter Tuesday, Michael Ray Dillier proclaims that Hillary Clinton will be a sure winner if she runs for president in 2016. He concludes: "Vote for someone in 2016 with honor and integrity. Vote for a Democrat."

I'm a World War II vet who cast his first vote in 1944 for Roosevelt by absentee ballot. Although I never voted a straight ticket, I voted predominantly Democratic for many years. Then I ceased voting for Democrats because the party began supporting things that were incompatible with my morals and because I found it quite difficult to find a Democrat with "honor and integrity." In fact, the present administration in D.C. doesn't seem to know the meaning of those two words.

At 92, I don't expect to participate in very many more elections. But even if I live to be 102, I am quite sure that I will not be voting for a Democrat unless the party undergoes a radical change.

Dale VanBlair


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