Real estate: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

News-DemocratOctober 20, 2013 

Here are recent real estate transactions in the metro-east:



• 1505 Optimist Court; from Kevin R. Wilhelm; to Evan E. Ruffino; $120,500.

• 520 Virginia Ave.; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Lynn Vermeiren; $41,000 mortgage, but no sales available.

• 416 S. 1st St.; from Suzanne Santos; to Chet Shelton and Kim Shelton; $10,000.

• 1209 Bristow Lane; from Elana Phelps; to Acis Associates LLC; $81,000.

• 1930 Stingray Court; from Leeann Y. Hart; to Teresa P. Sholston; $93,000.

• 112 Stablestone Drive; from Megan J. Helscher; to patrick N. Johnston and Nena G. Johnston; $90,000.

• 2001 E. A St.; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to John M. Durako; $42,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

• 10 Innsbruck Lane; from Jennifer Berkemann; to Robert A. Graber Jr.; $111,000.

• 904 Fox Glen Lane; from Robert A. Madrigal and Sherri A. Madrigal; to Jarrod Utterback and Sharon Utterback; $112,000.

• 1712 N. Charles St.; from Scott Gauch and Jennifer M. Gauch; to Amanda Moore; $76,500.

• 6121 W. C St.; from Darren W. Paschedag; to Michael J. Flynn and Diana M. Flynn; $45,000.

• 301 Hickory Bend Drive; from Stella E. Smith; to Mary Jo Hanvey; $110,000.

• 100 Ladue Road; from Shawn Coughlin; to Phillip Gehrs; $110,000.

• 612 Bond Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Tygracon Properties Inc.; $20,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.

• 17 Parkridge; from Keri Defrates; to Carolyn Dahm; $107,000.

• 208 Chaucer Drive; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Murphy Shalabi; $41,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


• 21 Drexel Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $11,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

• 857 Bartholomew; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Joel Sellmeyer; $16,200 mortgage, but no sales price available.

• 122 St. Dorothy Drive; from Terra Dominus LLC; to Pacer Cap LLC; $35,000.

• 17 Kinder St.; from APA Properties LLC; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $15,000.


• 2 Southern Drive; from Rosann Rogers; to Kenneth E. Combs; $38,000.


• 907 Southwind Court; from Joel Dapkus; to Veronica Ware; $145,500.

• 8 Lavadna Court; from Emily E. Stagner and Ryan Stagner; to Jerry Williams and Mackenzie Roberts; $143,500.


• 1005 Bottom Road; from Thelma Gobble; to State Street Investments LLC; $15,000.


•544 N. 22nd St.; from Jesse Falconer and Thelma A. Falconer;t o Leonard Aldridge, Trustee; $4,000.


• 10064 Bunkum Road; from Nathan Bergbower; to Megan M. Bond; $86,000.

• 5 Weinel Drive; from Marilyn M. Stevens; to Deborah Pohl and Sandra Pohl; $109,000.

• 8 Circle Drive; from Scott Jacob; to Lindsay Pirtle; $51,000.


• 1009 Belleville St.; from Jeffrey E. Bragg and Kara C. Bragg; to Mary Freeman; $166,000.


• 714 S. Bess Ave.; from Nathen Eggemeyer and Terra Eggemeyer; to Adam L. King and Karen L. King; $82,000.

• 430 N. Park Ave.; from Dorothy J. Ogilvy0-Lee; to Johnny L. Taylor and Clara J. Taylor; $12,500.


• 414 Bel Air Drive; from Weley P. Padgett; to Ernest M. Selph Sr. and Evelyn V. Selph; $121,000.

• 432 N. 9th St.; from William E. Woodrum; to Eric N. Waszak; $122,000.

• 179 St. Christopher Court; Martha M. Tesseire; to Gladys I. Seering; $139,000.

• 108 Falling Leaf Way; from Todd Bermont; to Jearl Thomson and Tiffany Thomson; $160,000.


• 2827 Otten Road; from Raymon L. Pfeffer and Pamela K. Pfeffer; to Rochelle Weaver; $280,000.

• 8 W. Laurel; from Gregg L. Crawford; to Jeremy Kearns; $178,000.


• 210 Mylaun Drive; from Dianna Lee; to William M. Henggeler and Patricia Henggeler; $20,000.

• 924 Stone Briar Drive; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Christopher G. Gonzales and Beth A. Gongalez; $222,500.

• 902 Shadow Ridge Circle; from Marvin E. Butcher Jr. and Linda L. Butcher; to Phi Long Nguyen; $270,000.

• 520 Scott Troy Road; from Roosevelt Jenkins and Gwendolyn Jenkins; to Hua En Chen and Rita Xia Chen; $538,000.

• 929 Brookdale Court; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Mariama Hargrove; $160,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

• 8409 Tryebrooke Place; from Jonathan W. Hummert; to Clinton M. Smith and Carma L. Smith; $390,000.

• 206 Shawnee Court; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Taylor L. Stooke and Leana A. Colon Stooke; $299,500.

• 412 Westminster Drive; from Dustin R. McGill; to Tyler Schubert; $127,500.


• 48 Acorn Lake Drive; from Todd L. Kuhlman and Susan L. Kuhlman; to Cartus Corp.; $161,000.

• 3273 Tanglebrook Drive; from James Steffey and Crystal Steffey; to Jeanette Kilgore and Arin N. Vickers; $157,000.


• 832 Indian Prairie Drive; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Brian D. Brooks; $271,000.


• 3919 Appaloosa Drive; from Christina Shork; to Jeff Lynn and Kathryn Lynn; $206,000.

• 1491Renoir Ave.; from Jon Verlinde and Angela Verlinde; to Eric Ruocco and Katherine Ruocco; $375,000.

• 18 Meta; from Aaron Laramore; to Cody A. Stockman; $147,500.

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