What's out there: Items for the fireplace

October 20, 2013 

Rainbow flames: Is a new or refurbished fireplace is on your list of things to do this fall? Hearthside Grill & Fireplace in east Belleville has some accessories to consider:

A fire-retardant rug is essential. Looking attractive is a plus. This one will protect your wood or stone hearth and comes in several patterns. They sell for $50 to $100.

Choose your tools well. A well-built sturdy set will last for years. This brushed stainless-steel, four-piece set with bird-case handles includes poker, tongs, shovel and broom. It sells for $189.

Keep your firewood off the floor in a sturdy metal and sling rack, $109.

If you want to make your fire easy to start, pick up some firestarters made of compressed sawdust. These gift sets also include waxed pine cones with rainbow crystals that will make the flames light up in different colors. Sets run from $24.99 to $35. Smaller, less expensive boxes can be purchased to replenish your supply.

Bellows: Fan that flame in your wood-burning fireplace or stove with this sturdy small bellows. It has a stainless-steel tip and costs $9.99 at Lowe's in Belleville in the aisle with other fireplace accessories. (Check other store locations as well.)

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