What causes you to do a slow burn?

October 20, 2013 

"These teens don't listen. We try to direct them the right way. They take the wrong way because that's how they feel on that day."

Toneka Sheard, 37

Fairview Heights

teachers assistant at Behavior Transitional Center (JTC Academy)

"The government shutdown. The political battle of it all. It doesn't seem like the politicians are taking the best interests of the veterans into account. It's just a political chess match."

Dan Kramer,


art teacher at Okawville Grade School, with his children Colton, 2, Mackenzie, 5 and Riley, 7

"A sunburn that leaves a mark."

Riley Kramer, 7

second-grader at Mascoutah Elementary School

"When nobody lets me play the Disney Infinity wii game, and bumblebees."

Mackenzie Kramer, 5

kindergartner at Mascoutah Elementary School

"Waiting in line -- that kind of stuff. Getting stuck behind the wrong people. That happens everywhere -- restaurants, quick marts, when someone goes in to buy a lottery ticket and there are 10 people in line and they can't decide what numbers they want."

Randy Turner, 53


unemployed, formerly in construction

"The way the court system works. I'm trying to get my license back and they are giving me the runaround."

Tianna Wilder, 23


enrolling at Rankin College to become an automotive technician, has a '95 silver Camaro with 55,000 miles

"People who don't use their turn signals. It happens a lot."

Rhonda Burton, 63


retired clerk

"I don't like when people don't say thnaks after you hold the door open for them."

Meghan Chadeayne, 23


enrolling at Purdue University to major in visual communications

"People who let their dogs go to the bathroom downtown outside of restaurants and don't pick it up. I have carried five gallons of dog poop out of parking lots."

John Schoon, 55


laborer for the City of Belleville

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