Respect our rights, too

October 21, 2013 

SENATE BILL 10 is before the Illinois House. Wednesday is the lobby day where thousands of concerned citizens will converge on the capitol in Springfield to voice our opposition to same-sex marriage in Illinois. If this bill passes, the gay agenda will be taught to our children in school. We will not have the option as Christian business owners to opt out of their ceremonies or celebrations (cake decorators, photographers, florists, etc.).

Gays have the right to practice their lifestyle, and I have the right to be opposed to it. I have the right to teach my children that it is wrong to enter into a way of life that is injurious to their health and happiness. I have the right to teach my children that they should live out and obey the commandments of God and to reject the things which the Bible condemns. At least I have those rights for now.

That's why we have to speak up now. Call your representative or go to Springfield on Wednesday to let him know we want him to vote "no" on S.B. 10. This bill isn't about equal rights, love or freedom for gays. It's about taking away our religious freedoms and our parental rights. It's about degrading the God-given institution of marriage. No one should be able to trample on my freedoms in order to force their agenda on me and my children.

Donna Brosh


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