Progressives' last stand

October 21, 2013 

Three other times Progressives have tried to change America, and each time the people have rejected them. This latest fight is over raising our debt to spend more, even if it's only $1 trillion.

We only need to look at Detroit, which was to be a workers' paradise, a symbol of Progressive success. Instead it has become a symbol of big government failure. Corruption, violence and decay, a city that had the withdrawal of more than a million productive residents. The once great Detroit, became the largest American city to declare brankruptcy. Will the U.S. be far behind with its Congressional Budget Office projected $26 trillion debt with Obamacare?

The left is turning to naked force -- financial repression, rule by decree, regulation and politicized government agencies including IRS and NSA, to keep their hold on government power. As in the past, it's left up to the people to take back their country, get involved in all forms of government.

John Schrand


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