Debt imperils greatness

October 21, 2013 

LET'S FACE IT, progressivism and its requisite "compassionate" programs have failed. They have failed everywhere and in every time period. Why don't their creators look in the mirror and honestly admit this tragedy and ticking time bomb instead of blamingembraced by Europeans -- has made the U.S. weak, much poorer, and inherently unstable.

Why not practice basic economic and social truisms that have proven to be successful for hundreds of years? To be sure, implementing these would demand individual initiative and responsibility, and, predictably, those who refuse "might" fail.

In a free, just society with low taxes, realistic regulations and the proper protections of legitimate, executive authorities, most individuals and businesses will prosper -- benefiting the society at-large. And most Americans are very compassionate and willing to give, independently, to help family members as well as the poor and disabled around them.

This government must develop a budget from actual revenues; fund imperative, constitutionally-justified programs with real resources; and begin to pay off the disastrous debt, which we have deleteriously piled up, imperiling future generations.

To reverse the certain demise of this once great nation is at least on the same magnitude as having endured the Great Depression and having destroyed the evil of Nazism in World War II. Will we be labeled "The Greatest Generation" 50 years from now?

Sam Graf


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