Shutting out our veterans

October 23, 2013 

I watched in utter disbelief and total shame of the conduct of Obama and progressive Democrats. Obama had the World War II monuments barricaded and wired shut. It stopped a World War II gathering from happening.

Well right next door was one barricade in a open area. It was supposed to be shut down also. What do you know: the liberal Democrats were allowed to hold an illegal alien rally and protest there. It was attended by Charlie Rangle, two House members from Illinois, Nancy Pelosi and four other Democratic House members. Nancy Pelosi came on camera and thanked President Obama for specially allowing the illegal alien protest.

Here our World War II vets who fought and died for our country can not hold a memorial for their dead at the national monument for them because of so-called government shut down, yet our president allowed an illegal alien rally and protest to happen on the same property and supplied all the security police for it. When asked by reporters about whether they had been to the war memorial, they refused to comment. This is a new low, even for them.

Bob Dagner


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