Another narcissistic dictator

October 25, 2013 

Adolf Hitler was a narcissist with a delusional vision as dictator of a world socialist utopia. Rising to power from obscurity as a community organizer, he perfected his skills of oratory. Hitler gained support of the German people with emotional speeches convincing them they were victims of World War I. With support of the masses, Hitler pressured corporate interests to finance his campaign for control. He had no qualifications to govern. The German political class did not take him seriously until he had seized control of Germany, started World War II and began destroying Europe.

Narcissism and criminality are parallel character faults well understood by psychologists and criminologists. Hitler personified these character faults by acting on his megalomania. After confiscating all civilian firearms, he exploited racial and class prejudice against the Jewish people. Under Hitler's control, his Gestapo gave new meaning to tyranny as they murdered millions of innocent people during World War II.

Americans must now confront the excesses of the Obama administration. Showing characteristics of narcissism, Mr. Obama never takes responsibility, is never wrong, always blames someone else, always takes credit. As a community organizer, he developed his oratory skill agitating the uninformed in Chicago to action as victims of American free enterprise. This president had no qualifications to govern before gaining power. He now acts above the law, ignores Congress and the Constitution, showing contempt for the American people. As the growing number of Obama scandals develop, people die and Gestapo tactics increase, the similarities with Hitler's Germany are profound and alarming.

Ron Davinroy


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