Hoge calls Hoge a fathead

October 25, 2013 

This letter is directed to Mark Hoge, who wrote the insensitive article "Time for frank fashion talk" in your Oct. 20 edition: Dear sir, how dare you poke fun at people's weight issues, especially women, without considering the fact that many times weight control problems have nothing to do with "laziness" or the unmotivated excuses of a couch potato? It may outright be a true, genetic medical condition (about 6 percent).

Granted, America's obesity numbers have grown more than 200 percent since the 1950s and more than 35 percent of women and men in the United States can be considered obese according to that silly body mass index number. Yet it gives you no excuse to be mean and attack women's fashion choices.

Haven't you heard how important it is just to be happy with whom you are and the skin you're in? I understand how easy and convenient it is to purchase a dollar menu, calorie-packed burger compared to taking the time to eat healthy. Trust me; I probably have kept McDonald's in business.

Humor isn't always appropriate. I have read all your letters in the BND and I must admit they are funny and even surprisingly serious and thoughtful. But the fact remains: Don't make fun of women's weight.

There you have it my wonderful, beautiful, wife. I have officially dogged myself out. I realize I mask my own pain of being overweight in sarcasm and humor and will get therapy for that. Please, Lisa, unlock the door and let me in. It is getting cold outside.

Mark Hoge