Control liberals, not guns

October 26, 2013 

I SEE THE politicians in Chicago lead by Rahm Emanuel are screaming for tough new gun laws. They claim the Chicago shooters on the playground got boot camp and a little county jail for previous gun crimes and claim if we had proper laws it would not have happened. Bull. The whole problem was elitist, sissy, liberal Democratic judges and proescutors.

Let's see how many years those shooters could of had for their previous felonies: No Illinois gun card, five years; felon possessing a gun, 10 years; shooting someone, five to life; possession of a gun and narcotics in a narcotics deal, add 10 more; attempted murder, armed robbery, armed criminal action, all five to life.

We have more than 20,000 gun laws on the books. The problem is not harsh-enough laws -- it goes straight back to judges, prosecutors and probation and parole officers. As defined by our first black progressive liberal president, they must have empathy, understanding, mercy, real-world experience plus have a total fear of sending a minority or hardened criminal away for gang and violent crimes.

Read all about the long criminal histories of the four men involved in the park shooting. Now look at the liberal democratic justice system in Chicago.

There is your problem, run by the granolia crew: fruits, nuts, flakes, illegal aliens, minority issues and the big white-guilt ridden liberal Democrats.

Bob Dagner


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