What scares you?

October 27, 2013 

"Most people are scared of spidera and snakes. Me, I am afraid of frogs. I have always been afraid. When I see one, I run. They can give you warts. Yuck."

Brenda Duggar, 46

Wood River

certified nurses' assistant

"Spiders, how they are creepy and crawly. I scream when I see one, then take it outside and let it loose."

Maureen Lane, 48


stay-at-home mom

"My cousin Patrick (Rudicill, of Highland) is in the Army. I am afraid for him being over there. He's in Afghanistan."

Dylan Lane, 10


fifth-grader at Doris Intermediate School

"Snakes. Anything that moves without legs, I don't like. I had one that was very interested in me come into my garage."

Tim Robertson, 46


counter manager at Relleke Pumpkin Patch

"Our government because they can't get along and they don't have our best interests at heart. I'm also afraid when we get to Social Security age, there won't be anything left. That's my fear. I'm also afraid of brown recluse spiders. I know someone who got bit on the hand and died."

Deb Tracy, 59


event coordinator at Relleke Pumpkin Patch

"Snakes. They are just slithery and slimy. When I see one, I run like heck."

Dennis Pea, 58


maintenance man for Cerro Copper, with grandson Logan Abernathy, 9, a fourth-grader at Caseyville Elementary School

"Killer whales because they are huge and eat people. They are really smart and they kill blue whales who are very large."

Parker Leatherman, 23

St. Louis

one test away from being a CPA

"My biggest fear is birds. I never did like them. They look like rats with wings. When they're around, I run the other way."

Rich Relleke, 43

Granite City

transportation terminal manager and works part-time at Relleke Pumpkin Patch

"Probably snakes, just the feeling of knowing how strong they are. I try to stay as far away froom them as I can."

Terry Carter, 43


steel maker

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