What's to hide in township?

October 27, 2013 

Mum's the word for St. Clair County officials as well as St. Clair Township officials. They sure talk a lot to get elected. Once elected they are not available for comment, like Mark Kern, or in the case of St. Clair Township Highway Commissioner John "Skip" Kernan, who won't answer questions regarding his expenditures, not even when a township trustee asks for an explanation.

Kernan attended the regular meeting of the St. Clair Township, apparently the first time in some months. Trustee Mary Carroll began asking several questions regarding Kernan's expenses. Township Supervisor Dave Barnes intervened and said Kernan was not on the agenda and therefore would not be allowed to answer questions. Barnes continued that Kernan would answer all questions after the meeting.

Kernan invited folks to his office to answer questions and immediately stated, "Mary I'm not going to answer any of your questions, you have an agenda and I'm not going to answer any question you ask." Carroll pleaded that she was a township trustee. Kernan replied that he was not answerable to the board, only to the citizens of St. Clair Township. He continued, "Mary, every time I tell you something you twist my words." I spoke with Carroll the following day, she advised me her questions were never answered.

It should be noted that Barnes and Kernan have been in office just a few months and already they cover for each other. What is there to hide?

William H. Bremen Sr.


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