REAL ESTATE: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

News-DemocratOctober 27, 2013 

Here are recent real estate transactions in the metro-east:



* 1508 Bountiful Lane; from Deane A. Mazur and Stepahnie Mazur; to Kyle D. Stone and Abby L. Stone; $161,500.

* 113 Shiloh Ridge Drive; from Jamie R. Martens and Brandon Perry; to Mahmoud Bedwan; $114,000.

* 3204 Seven Pines Road; from Kevin P. See and Stacie L. See; to Joshua D. Tinney; $94,000.

*2420 Heather Hill Court; from Scott A. Murphy and Lisa S. Murphy; to Daryl Ford and Lisa Ford; $220,000.

* 19 Windsor Drive; from Montgomery Rodgers and Elizabeth Rodgers; to Darryl Road; $130,000.

* 1314 Old Dutch Hollow Road; from Rita M. Winkelmann; to Brad Stoll and Jean Stoll; $4,000.

* 106 S. 30th St.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Frank Brutto; $19,000.

* 1600 Berkley Lane; from Robert M. Patterson and Susan E. Patterson; to Christina N. Harris and Nicholas R. Keller; $85,000.

* 4109 Betty Drive; from Harry M. Hamilton; to Douglas S. Jameson; $24,000.

* 412 S. 19th St.; from John Haar and Melissa Mason; to Jospeh Haar; $25,000.

* 3315 S. Belt West; from Jack E. Chor, Trustee; to PK Properties and Management LLC; $48,500.

* 405 S. 47th St.; from James K. Pajares Jr.; to Tyler Good and Hillary M. Friedman; $78,000.


* 432 Miranda Drive; from JPMorgan Chase Bank; to Darren Schaffer; $87,500.

* 1140 Muskopf Place; from Kenneth E. Crowe Jr.; to Bary N. Kenner; $107,000.


* 6013 Old Collinsville Road; from John Elwin Slothower; to Don P. Kissler and Catherine T. Kissler; $43,000.

* 100 Mt. Vernon Drive; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Mark Hellmuth; $24,900 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 201 Americana Circle; from Scott Waeltz and Cecilia Waeltz; to Michael Davey; $169,000.

* 5417 Bonita Blvd.; from Samuel E. Willie and Donna L. Willie; to Cortney R. Secrest; $86,000.


* 114 Stanton St.; from Phillip S. Von Hatten and Lindsay Von Hatten; to Eric K. Richards; $95,000.


* 413 N. Main St.; from Barry N. Mehner; to Larry A. Sloan and Nancy J. Sloan; $50,000.

* 19433 New Athens Darmstadt Road; from Denis R. Juenger and Tina M. Juenger; to Dale C. Chinn and Debra L. Chinn; $131,000.


* 113 Powers Drive; from Pamela J. Goodson; to K. Bryan Bingel and Laurie A. Bingel; $60,000.


* 833 Lila Court; from Michael Murphy and Melissa Murphy; to Wanda L. Hicks; $77,000.


* 1109 Alysheba Drive; from Brooks Bash and Mary Beth Bash; to Thomas Wessel and Susan Wessel; $185,000.

* 916 Moye School Road; from John A. Scherschel and Tanya M. Scherschel; to Rechell O. Hansen and Kim Hansen; $201,000.

* 905 Pohlman Road; from Charles W. Ross and Cherie M. Ross; to Ronald J. Warhoover and Cheri E. Warhoover; $70,000.

* 819 Jade Drive; from Sharon Tutor; to Michelle Black and Dawn Elser; $104,000.

* 916 Monterey Drive; from Kevin L. Blake and Jeanine K. Blake; to Andrew Wyly and Ashley Wyly; $174,000.

* 331 Sweetwater Lane; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Christopher D. Murphy; $121,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 315 Whitehall Drive; from Kevin D. Schaeffer; to Amber Lea Hough; $127,000.

* 1505 Cedar Ridge Drive; from David M. Dito and Diane E. Dito; to Kenneth R. Picha and Jo Catherine Picha; $235,000.

* 1210 Hamlin Court; from Christine A. Brewer; to Richard Hampton and Susan Hampton; $233,500.


* 314 Berwick Crossing; from CNR Inc.; to James King Sr. and Pamela King; $229,000.

* 113 Eagles Landing Drive; from Robert A. Cimorelli and Karen S. Cimorelli; to Rac Closing Services LLC; $185,000.

* 3586 Sky Hawk Drive; from Martin Bethel and Elizabeth Bethel; to Brandon Woodland and Pilar Woodland; $189,000.

* 2628 Katrine Lake Drive; from Paul J. Myrick and Mildred E. Myrick; to R & W Builders Inc.; $255,000.


* 5645 Stone Villa Drive; from Damon A. Haarmann and Haley Haarmann; to Lauren Schwaegel and Derik Schwaegel; $195,000.


* 3217 Old Caseyville Road; from Thomas Wessel an dSusan Wessel; to Tyler Van Natta and Elise Van Natta; $160,000.



* 3401 Northridge Drive; from Charles L. Watson and Kim R. Watson; to David N. Dieckmann and Diana Dieckmann; $220,000.

* 908 Langdon St.; from David W. Cole, Konzonasky Family Trust; to DAvid W. Cole, David W. Curner Cole; $132,000.

* 3865 Western Ave.; from The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Christopher S. Campbell; $18,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2711 Bryden Court; from Jo Ann Peek; to David Dornes and Delfina M. Dornes; $ 186,000.


* 7924 Wolf Road; from Lawrence F. Baker Jr. and Laurie A. Baker; to William DeQuasie and Suzan DeQuasie; $250,000.

* 246 Bender Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Reynae T. Womack; $109,000.

* 55 Parkside Drive; from Meredith A. Arnold; to Max R. Norris and Betty L. Norris; $110,000.


* 1111 Portland Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Jared Fernandez and Emanuel Fernandez; $437,000.

* 138 Pine Hollow Lane; from Nathan R. Massey; to Timothy Schelp; $159,000.

* 120 Boskydells Drive; from First Baptist Church of Collinsville; to Amanda G. McCallister; $57,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.


*1368 Biscay Drive; from Glynn S. Goodwin and Cynthia S. Goodwin; to Steven L. Rives, Christian J. Rives, Christina J. Faccin Rives; $43,000.

* 704 Autumn Forest; from Landau Enterprises LLC; to Terry J. Scaturro and Kathleen Scaturro; $48,500.

* 1535 Weber Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Robert T. Newlon and Amy L. Darte; $136,500.

* 5 Cedar Court; from Karen Eberhart and Ronald Eberhart; to Martin L. Norton and Tamara Norton; $262,500.

* 20 Halleck Ave.; from Dennis J. Howell and Lucinda K. Howell; to Andrea L. Nicolay; $122,500.

* 20 Halleck Ave.; from Willie C. Carpenter; to Frederick C. Carpenter and Garbiel C. Carpenter; $98,000.


* 2222 Bunkum Place; from Matthew C. Wafler and Shirley A. Wafler; to Dolores Marciniak; $121,938 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2007 Richmond Ave.; from Evelyn R. Digman and Andrew M. Myint; to Robert L. Gregonis Jr.; $55,000.

* 656 Erica Drive; from Citimortgage Inc.; to Bian Hutson and Tara Knight; $155,000.


* 109 Wolf Ave.; from Brian K. Weiler and Linda L. Weiler; to Amy S. Rogier; $148,000.

* 405 Corral Drive; from Fannie Mae; to Justin A. Gerstner and Ashley A. Gerstner; $147,000.


* 401 Laurel St.; from Robert J. Schrage; to Michael E. Miles and Maureen A. Miles; $128,000.

* 75 Crescent View Lane; from Allen Faust; to Anthony F. Desimone and Carol Desimone; $174,000.


* 933 Country Pointe Lane; from Gerlad L. Trojahn and Karen S. Trojahn; to Ricahrd L. Bisso Jr. and Tanya M. Grapperhaus; $222,500.


* 612 Copper Line; from Jeffrey M. Ahlers and Courtney L. Ahlers; to Thomas C. Schmidt Sr. and Melissa D. Schmidt; $162,500.


* 9152 Schmalz Road; from Sherry L. Launius, Sherry L. Manley; to Cory S. Gindler and Tiffany Gindler; $69,000.


* 224 Tyler; from Foreman Homes Inc.; to Joseph L. Friederich and Jennifer J. Friederich; $410,000.



* 612 N. Briegel; from Heather K. Heck and Scott A. Heck; to Erin D. Stumpf and Joshua R. Stumpf; $124,500.

* 10603 Sandalwood Drive; from Elizabeth A. Hammond and Mark G. Hammond; to Nicole Wheeler and Timothy Wheeler; $330,000.


* 7330 LL Road; from Charlie R. Wineinger and Pamela G. Wineinger; to Justin D. Salger and Rachael A. Salger; $208,000.


* 109 Oak Court; from Alex Riechman, Co-Trustee and Perry R. Riechmann, Co-Trustee; to Joshua M. Hogan and Melissa A. Hogan; $156,000.


* 802 Sheridan Lane; from CA Jones, Inc.; to Gary D. Francis and Stephanie M. Francis; $264,000.

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