No way to treat a dog

October 28, 2013 

Once again we read about an East St. Louis police officer who perhaps has no business of carrying a weapon. All the facts of the shooting of a pit bull mix may never be answered, but we have a general idea of the situation. A witness said children taunted two dogs and threw rocks at them.

It may not be out of the realm of possibilities that the officer and security guard embellished their story due to the fact they were wrong to shoot the dog.

The police officer had a moral duty to verify the dog was indeed dead, but in his ignorance left the scene without verification. The dog was found alive and later was euthanized.

The officer should be charged with cruelty to an animal. St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly should have these two charged and let a jury decided their fate.

Once again animal cruelty punishment in St. Clair County has no teeth. no pun intended.

The mentality of this officer is a direct reflection of the city's inability to lead and govern. This is exactly what one could expect from a city that has no sense of direction and is the news for all the wrong reasons on a weekly basis (sometimes daily).

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights

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