Catering to Hispanic vote

October 28, 2013 

I would like to reply to the letter by Phil Henning in the Oct. 16 edition. Henning states that open-air monuments (World War II, Lincoln, Vietnam and others) were closed. Yet much effort was expended to keep open the National Mall area in Washington, D.C., to allow pro-amnesty demonstrators to have a large stage for their speeches. Even convenience services for the pro-amnesty demonstrators were provided. It is quite true what Henning said, but should anyone be surprised?

The pro-amnesty participants want more manipulation for illegal aliens, who are mostly Mexicans, to enter and remain in this country. The Obama administration has been most accommodating to their purpose. Consequently, the Hispanic vote has so heavily favored Obama and the Democrats.

Catering to the Hispanic vote by whatever means necessary is merely a tactic of the Democrats in which the end justifies the means.

Frank B. Austin


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