Living large in the district

October 30, 2013 

I wonder if the liberal letter writers know how swell life is in Washington, D.C.?

My wife and I lived there for nine years, both on active duty in the Air Force and as a defense contractor. A year ago we sold our one-bedroom, 680-square-foot condo in McLean, an area similar but much larger than Clayton, for $254,000.

I'm not bragging by any means; I point this out to show the contrast between life here and in Washington. Most of Washington works in or for the federal government, and two of the five wealthiest counties in the nation -- Loudon and Fairfax, with Montgomery not far behind -- are adjacent to or near the district. Trust me, it's not an area mired in poverty.

There are some challenging neighborhoods in Southeast Washington, but even the roughest apartment rents for more than $700 a month. There are construction cranes everywhere in the district and suburbs; new roads are being built and an extension of the heavy rail Metro.

So those in love with the Obama administration and even those who despise the Bush administration need to know that many people in Washington live high on the hog on our tax dollars. It's all of us in "flyover country" who make this possible.

Phil Henning


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