Someone needs to say 'no'

October 30, 2013 

Since the partial shutdown of the U.S. government and its "nonessential" employees, which number in the millions, the Republican Party and Tea Party have taken a majority of the blame. It's due to the fact that they say "no" --no to the out-of-control spending and harmful programs the government spends on. So like a child being told "no" by his parents, a vast number of people blame the Republicans and conservatives, like myself, for saying enough is enough and we need to stop what we are doing.

If it weren't for the fact our government prints its own money to pay its own debts and spend in excess, this would have stopped decades ago.

Can any of you print your own money to pay your excess spending or debts? If you do, the government calls it forgery and you go to jail. Why not the government?

Brent Rains


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