Why is St. Clair County Board afraid to vote?

October 31, 2013 

The effort to get a MidAmerica Airport proposal on the St. Clair County Board agenda is proving to be as difficult as swimming against the current: The harder the proponents push for a vote on their idea, the farther away they get from their goal.

And apparently most of the 29-member board would rather let their colleagues' idea drown rather than vote on it.

The proposal is straightforward: Make the elected County Board the airport authority rather than the appointed Public Building Commission. But County Board Chairman Mark Kern is determined to keep this from coming to a vote. The Judiciary Committee failed to act on it again, which is counter to the board's own rules. Kern said another committee decided to have Airport Director Tim Cantwell meet regularly with board members for a full budget cycle before considering any other change.

We know what the handful of the 29 board members think, but what about the others. Why are they afraid to have this question put to a vote?

If they want to kill this idea, they should have the courage to do it on the County Board floor rather than hide behind the chairman and his manipulations.

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