Please, give this dog a home

October 31, 2013 

On a recent visit to the Belleville Area Humane Society I had such a sad encounter it compelled me to pen this plea.

Approaching the entrance is a sidewalk lined with open air kennels. The frantic barks for attention and perhaps to be chosen are heartbreaking enough.

Lying in a kennel was a beautiful boxer -- on her side, back against the wall, staring straight ahead. Her eyes fixed on nothing; her muscles weren't taut with the excitement an approaching human incites.

I thought she had passed, unbeknownst. As I got near I saw the slight expansion of her lungs in a shallow breathe. She wasn't deceased, but profoundly sad; grief-stricken. Her spirit was so broken she couldn't respond to my attempt to coax her.

Finally, she slowly rose. Head always down, no tail wagging, no eye contact or plea to be chosen. Reluctantly but obediently she came to me. She had been let down by the humans she trusted for the first seven years prior to her surrender, and by any hope she allowed herself since then, being overlooked by so many for so long.

She has been there over a year, is fixed, has all shots. She's housebroken and very docile. Her name is Maggie.

My shelter is full, or she would already be mine. She would be happy to be yours.

Cynthia S. Maue


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