Party line voting leads to trouble

November 1, 2013 

People who vote strictly for race, color, gender, making history or along party lines show a huge amount of stupidity.

In 2008 Illinois had a senator who really wasn't much and was unknown to the rest of the country and most of Illinois. He was elected by the stupid mode vote. After being in office four years and proving without a doubt that he shouldn't be in office, he was elected again by the stupid mode vote, or vote tampering.

The people who do the stupidity voting are just as guilty of ruining the country as the perpetrator they elect. He can't do his fancy work without their vote.

President Obama is deliberately ruining the country. Check what Hitler did and then check Obama.

If both houses of government would shut down Obama and his family's air travel, the economy would improve greatly. He thinks he is above the Constitution and wants to be a dictator or king. He already acts like a royal welfare recipient.

I have to agree with him that the Syrian mess wouldn't affect his credibility. You have to have credibility before it can be affected.

Terry Hunt


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