Wanted: Honest elections

November 1, 2013 

Bravo to Matt Hawkins of East St. Louis, one of our heroes in the once great city that I was born in.

Just look around; you can start with East St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners. Mercy. I still have a lot of good friends in East St. Louis. They stand tall for God and integrity, justice for all and they deserve the best such as honest, fair elections.

How can East St. Louis or the rest of St. Clair County have honest and fair elections with massive alleged voter fraud? No way, no way.

I salute Hawkins for filing his federal lawsuit alleging massive voter fraud. We remember when Steve Reeb won big in the St. Clair County Board chairman's race until the massive alleged fraud votes came in from East St. Louis. How many times have we lost countywide elections because of the East St. Louis vote?

Absentee ballots, what a joke.

Good luck to Hawkins; we are counting and praying for justice.

St. Clair County Clerk Tom Holbrook is doing a purge for honest and fair elections in the county. It's simple, the way things are now we will never have a two-party system here in St. Clair County.

Make your vote count in 2014. Vote Republican.

Tom Qualls Sr.

Washington Park

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