Did you cook in your kitchen last night?

November 3, 2013 

"I did cook. I made baked tacos. I pretty much cook every night. If I could change something, I'd change everything. It's so small."

Cindi Ryckert, 44


bus driver and mom

"I am never home. I work at night in a bar. I had hot dogs for dinner. I went out for breakfast this morning. Usually, I have a granola bar for breakfast. The last time I cooked may have been a week ago."

Katie Wombacher, 25


bartender and SIUE student majoring in sports psychology

"We ate in our kitchen and I did a lot of cooking. It was a one skillet thing, sausage, hash browns, eggs, tomatoes and cheese all scrambled together. I like my kitchen just the way it is. My pantry is my favorite. When you open the door, you can pull out the shelves. We can fit 250 cans in there. (Husband Eugene) made it for me."

Judy Touchette, 65


retired from accounts payable job, with husband Eugene, 70

"No, I didn't cook. My husband cooks a lot. Last night, he made lasagna. He's retired. He's got time for that kind of stuff. I'm still working. If I could change something, I'd change my countertop. I'd prefer granite."

Marietta Johnson, 53

Fairview Heights

works for state of Illinois in child support department

"Mom cooked burritos. My dad usually does the cooking. I cook when I want to make something specific or when no one's home to cook for me. We had dinner in the living room. We were watching the hockey game."

Meredith Brunner, 23


works at Mabista (means "Elegance" in Portuguese) Salon and Spa in Belleville

"We cooked garlic-encrusted pork loin. (Husband) Eric made it. If I could make a change in my kitchen, I'd change everything. It's a galley style and I hate it. I have no windows."

Leslie Owen, 36


works for Morgan Stanley and mom of two sons, 6 and 1

"I made homemade potato soup. I cook almost every night. If I could change my kitchen, I'de reconfigure everything in there. Nothing's in a good place."

Laura Hurdle, 33


Stay-at-home mom of four, ranging in age from 3 months to 9 years

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