Around and around we go

November 3, 2013 

Well, the roundabout saga continues at Illinois 15, 13, 158 and Centreville Avenue. Work has begun on the northerly roundabout. It looks like a massive project with extensive detours or, as they say in Europe, "deviations."

Several people have noticed the lack of detour signs to help drivers navigate through the project, particularly for those drivers who are not familiar with city streets. Where to go? The best guess is to follow some other cars, hoping they know where they are going.

Some people noticed that one of the detour routes was narrow and had what appeared to be a six- to eight-inch dropoff along the pavement edge. This is safety at its best.

Are there any state inspectors or engineers who occasionally drop by the project? Yes. I have heard they are friendly, but maybe are still on the learning curve. Well, it appears there is plenty of opportunity for that -- learning, that is.

Lew Hiatt


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