Missing minutes reported

November 3, 2013 

In response to a letter Oct. 23 from Bradley VanHoose "Opening Caseyville Township":

* VanHoose stated that there is always an "illegal pre meeting" on the parking lot. Is it against the law to converse with your fellow township officials and residents while waiting for the meeting to start? As long as township business is not discussed, it is not against statue.

* He stated Clerk David Jacknewitz didn't mention a request from the attorney general in the minutes. It is Supervisor Bruce Canty's job to read correspondence received by him to the board.

* VanHoose stated that he intended on asking for an ordinance requiring video recordings of the meetings. He is aware that a security system is being installed with a video camera in the board room. Personally, I would not consider entertaining a suggestion from a non-resident unless it was in the best interest of the actual residents.

* He stated that Jacknewitz read about missing pages of written minutes. True. These missing tapes and minutes were in Canty's office. When Jacknewitz asked Canty if he knew anything about it, Canty said they were not his responsibility. Accordingly, Jacknewitz immediately filed a police report.

Perhaps if VanHoose concentrated his efforts in his own community, he migh make a difference for his fellow residents instead of trying to grandstand where he has no business.

Unfortunately for township residents, the Open Meetings Act allows VanHoose to attend.

Richard Donovan

Trustee, Caseyville Township

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