Sound-off 11/4

November 3, 2013 

Concerning the mother who is picketing at Wolf Branch Middle School, why doesn't she form a club or volunteer at the school instead of standing outside with these obnoxious posters? I don't know what she expects out of the school system, but she should come in and volunteer. She could maybe make a racial harmony group for the kids instead of standing outside.

Leave it to the kids

Regarding the article Oct. 26, "Parents fed up with racially motivated bullying": Kids should just take care of problems themselves. Why involve the parents? When I was young, if a kid gave you trouble you just got in a fight with him after school. That took care of it.

Stand proud and trust

I am calling about Wolf Branch Middle School and a 13-year-old kid -- justified, challenged, misunderstood. He shouldn't give up. The NAACP turned white on us. All we have is each other. But if he puts his trust in the heavenly father, watch him work it out. Don't take him out of the school district. There is no need for him to bow his head. I'm a proud black man of Centreville.

Fuzzy voter math

I calling in regard to the voter math in the letter from Dorothy Joshway. She really hits the nail on the head. How can East St. Louis have more registered voters than it has residents in the city? Does that mean they are registering the children to vote, too? I think it's time somebody gets off his duff and starts doing an honest job. Or better yet, let's have a voter ID card.

Park without patrons

On Oct. 26, probably the best day of the week -- beautiful, clear, puffy clouds, sunshine, moderate temperatures -- I went to take pictures of the trees at the new Centennial Park in Belleville. I thought the place would be packed. What a great day for fishing, hiking or other outdoor activities. There were three cars; that's right, three. What a great investment of taxpayer money.

MidAmerica matters

I find the letter from George Ahring concerning MidAmerica Airport very interesting. He made some very good points. In any decision we make, we do need to take into account that there are some implications for Scott Air Force Base that could have a large economic impact. However, he also asks how many of the elected St. Clair County Board members actually have the knowledge and expertise to run an airport. I asked that same question. What can the County Board chairman bring to the table because he is the one now running the airport?

Same poor results

East St. Louis School District 189 is under state control. Superintendent Art Culver and his team have been there for two years now. The schools are still going down. All I see them do is lay off everybody, shut down schools and continue to hire people along with themselves making six figures or more. They are not doing any better than the people they were sent to replace.

Fed up with ingrates

This if for all the ungrateful people complaining about a library at Scott Air Force Base. The complainers doesn't deserve the service that these military people give to them.

Mixed-up priorities

It's time once again to salute Belleville Alderwoman-at-large Lillian Schneider for raising that fiscal flag over Mayor Mark Eckert once again. He does to seem to think our taxes come from a stuffed piggy bank and she's right, our infrastructure is rotting away. One example is to drive the streets just south of the East Main Street streetscape and that's my point. Who'd want to come downtown if getting there can damage their car's suspension? Remember, that $200,000 we gave to Kroger so the company can compete with Aldi's could have fixed up some of our streets.

Motivated by fear

Don't get all excited about the big purge to remove voters from the voting rolls in St. Clair County and start giving all the credit to these Democrats who run this show. You have to remember the feds are in town and have been doing a lot of damage. They haven't been too concerned with who's a Democrat and who's not. The only reason this is getting done is because finally somebody is looking over their shoulders and now these people are scared. They are going to try to make it look like they are doing something.

Here's what we know

We are now in the fifth year of the no-nothing president. He didn't know anything about Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, health care problems or anything about anything. Didn't know anything about the NSA spying on reporters, on government, on regular citizens? What does he know about other than it's former President Bush's fault and that people are racist if they don't believe him or follow his lead.

Report about accident

I would like to know why there was no mention in Tuesday's paper of an accident on Illinois 161 near the high school between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Please bring this to the attention of the high school children.

Designated silliness

I hope all the people have come to realize how bush league this designated hitter thing is in the American League. A baseball player is supposed to be able to run, hit, field and throw, not just be someone who sits on a comfortable bench and comes out two or three times a game and hits.

A face-saving move

I found your article about Leonard Black, the mayor of Caseyville, resigning from Canteen Drainage kind of amusing. He had no intentions of resigning. He was being replaced and found out a couple of hours before the replacement was due. Love it.

Just grandstanding

Belleville Alderwoman Lillian Schneider should be ashamed of herself for using the 9/11 memorial to gain media attention. I think being an alderwoman-at-large is getting to her head. What a slap in the face to all those who served and protected. I think it's wrong to make people sign something promising to not take city money when they are offering to do this memorial by themselves.

Selective fast track

The state of Illinois can drag its feet on the court-ordered concealed carry, which is a constitutional right, request delays so policies and procedures can be put into effect, but driver's licenses for illegal aliens are rolled out as quickly as possible. Unbelievable.

Transparent as mud

Regarding Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius testifying in front of Congress about Obamacare: When are the Republicans going to quit wasting their time? Haven't they realized yet that the most transparent administration in history isn't transparent? Didn't they learn from their Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal and the Benghazi investigation? Nobody answers any questions. They asked 12 times how many people had enrolled in Obamacare. She refused to answer.

Kern needs to go

I don't know St. Clair County Board member Nick Miller personally, but I think he has a good, valid point. MidAmerica Airport is a white elephant that's bleeding the county dry. It's never going to produce revenue with current management. If the county were to run it as a business, it would have shut the doors a long time ago. As it stands, all it does is waste tax dollars. St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern refuses to admit defeat. The airport needs to go, so does airport Director Tim Cantwell. Wake up, St. Clair County, we need to vote the Kern administration out so we can get a working government that cares about what the people want.

Give Kernan credit

I am a frequent user of the Swansea/Belleville bike trail and I noticed a few weeks ago how much graffiti was building up on the underpasses and some of the walls. Not sure who to contact, I called St. Clair Township Highway Commissioner John Kernan. I went for a ride the other day and it was all cleaned up. Kernan said he would take care of it; he did. A job well done.

Not the same BND

When I retired in 2006, one of the things I enjoyed was morning coffee while leisurely reading the BND. Unfortunately since 2007 the BND has become very different. The Opinions page has become mostly a forum for hatred. I believe this change is mainly due to your political cartoonist, who is obviously obsessed with hatred for our president. I don't remember his strangely dark tone prior to President Obama's election. Soon after came a group of men who too frequently also vent their rage. I used to fact-check these mudslingers to see what I might be missing, but it soon became obvious that they rarely used facts to form their opinions. Sadly, parts of the BND have become obsolete for people who live in the real world.

What a waste of time

Belleville residents' money and time is being wasted on an ongoing game being played by some aldermen, in particular Alderwoman Lillian Schneider. Because of my job I work closely with the staff at City Hall and was outraged to see the amount of time being spent on the Freedom of Information Act requests made by her. I think the BND should investigate how much time and money has been spent on retrieving the information for these requests. The city staff is paid by the the taxpayers of Belleville and their time shouldn't be wasted on this.

Rein in Link use

This is concerning Link. I work at a grocery store and the problem that we have is when people can buy $125 cakes, sodas, chips and candy bars with their Link card. You don't mind that people get food, but I can't afford to buy big cakes and stuff, I'd rather make it myself. If you need a Link card, you should make your own cakes instead of spending $125 on one.

Poor role models

As our young people mature and witness how greed motivates society, they may think this is the norm. Leaders like Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert and St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern are very poor role models. It reminds me of a cartoon I once saw. A young boy tells his father he is thinking about a career in organized crime. His father replied, "Government or private sector?"

Woodpile's still there

Well, he never gave up his unsightly huge woodpile in the front yard. It grows larger every day. One can only assume it's because he is an alderman. Who is he? It's Fairview Heights Alderman Scott Greenwald. He drags down our property values with the gargantuan front yard wood pile mess, but he obviously doesn't care about his neighbors. Why does the city let him get away with this? Us normal nobodies would get a cease and desist letter along with a ticket for such behavior.

Questionable grant

No wonder Illinois is broke. Anybody who would give $100,000 to the Katherine Dunham Museum in East St. Louis is either crazy or crooked. These are some of the same people who run the illustrious city of East St. Louis finances. These people are political hacks. State Rep. Eddie Lee Jackson went out and got $100,000 of our tax dollars to put into that operation; he ought to be run out of town.

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