All-City Football Team named at banquet

News-DemocratNovember 5, 2013 

Following are the selections for the 2013 Belleville News-Democrat All-City Football Team. Trophies were presented to the players at the 69th annual Belleville Rotary Club banquet Tuesday night at Fischer's Restaurant in Belleville.

The following were chosen by their respective coaches.

Outstanding offensive players:

Althoff: Eric Mertens, senior, quarterback

Belleville East: Brandon Mason, senior, running back

Belleville West: Brian Hill, senior, running back

Outstanding defensive players:

Althoff: Bret Silvestri, junior, linebacker

Belleville East: Markee Thompson, senior, linebacker

Belleville West: Tori Millender, senior, linebacker

The following were chosen by their coaches and News-Democrat sportswriters.


Eric Mertens, senior, Althoff. Passing: 156 completions in 273 attempts (57 percent); 2,215 yards, 30 touchdowns, 10 interceptions. Rushing: 32 attempts, 22 yards, 3 touchdowns


Brandon Mason, senior, Belleville East. Rushing: 138 carries for 609 yards, 4.4 average, 5 touchdowns

Brian Hill, senior, Belleville West. Rushing: 79 carries for 730 yards, 9.2 average, 15 rushing touchdowns. Receiving: 6 catches for 241 yards, 6 touchdowns; 2 returns for touchdowns for a total of 23 touchdowns.

Dennis Jackson, senior, Althoff. Rushing 84 attempts, 426 yards, 5.1 average, 2 rushing touchdowns, 1 2-point coversion. Receptions: 22 catches for 327 yards (14.9 average), 5 touchdowns


Brendan Saak, junior, Belleville West. 26 catches for 384 yards, 14.8 average, 2 touchdowns

Keenen Young, sophomore, Althoff. 59 catches for 867 yards (14.7 average), 7 touchdowns. 7 returns for 328, 47 yards average, 2 return touchdowns

Parker Hendricks, senior, Belleville East. 14 catches for 151 yards, 10.8 average, 1 touchdown


Jamario Jeffries, senior, Belleville West, 6-foot-4, 265 pounds

Nick Allen, senior, Belleville West 6-foot-5, 230 pounds, both offensive and defensive lines

Ryan Ord, senior, Althoff, 5-foot-10, 233 pounds, both offensive and defensive lines

Erik Krause, senior, Althoff, 6-5, 270 pounds, both offensive and defensive lines

Nathan Sylvester, junior, Belleville East, 6-foot-2, 296 pounds, both offensive and defensive lines


Austin Seibert, junior, Belleville West. 58 kicks, 3,683 yards, 63.50 average, 9 field goals, 41 extra points, 68 total points. Punting: 42 punts for 2,97 yards, 49.93 average.


Josiah Bergt, Belleville East. 39 punts, 1,492 yards, 38.26 average; also scored 2 touchdowns as a receiver.


Jeff Brown, senior, Belleville East. 66 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 fumble recovery

Darrin McDaniel, senior, Belleville East. 43 tackles, 5 sacks, 1 fumble recovery

Antoine Williams, junior, Belleville West. 60 tackles, 3 sacks, Ricky Nelson, junior, Belleville WestLINEBACKERS:

Tori Millender, senior, Belleville West. 97 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, 1 interception; 1 return for 40 yards and 1 touchdown.

Cody Patterson, junior, Belleville East. 54 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 interception

Aaron Medina, junior, Althoff. 121 tackles, 1 sack, 2 fumble recoveries

Markee Thompson, senior, East. 90 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries

Bret Silvestri, junior, Althoff. 57 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 interception. Receiving: 4 receptions for 31 yards and 2 touchdownsDEFENSIVE BACKS:

Damarius Ward, junior, Belleville East. 44 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, 2 interceptions. Rushing: 79 attempts, 382 yards, 4.4 average, 3 touchdowns

La'Vante Smith, senior, Belleville West. 38 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries, 3 interceptions.

Collin McClellan, senior, Althoff. 37 tackles, 1 interception.

Ryan Betts, junior, Belleville East. 18 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 interception

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