East St. Louis housing lawsuit is waste of tax dollars

November 6, 2013 

Just what the taxpayers need: More legal bills involving East St. Louis.

This time it's a lawsuit brought by the East St. Louis Housing Authority to stop HUD from transferring control of the federal program to St. Clair County.

No surprise, this lawsuit is more about jobs and who gets to spend federal housing dollars rather than the public good. The lawsuit is focused on procedures and rules, not the people who live in public housing. For example, one of the arguments is that East St. Louis should at least get a new notice of default, and not the one HUD issued nearly 30 years ago when it took away control from the city.

Please. The fact that HUD never returned control in all that time tells you everything you need to know. The lawsuit can delay HUD transferring the program to a local entity, but the federal government is not giving it back to East St. Louis.

It's funny, one of the arguments in the lawsuit is that the county can't operate two separate housing programs. Anywhere else, East St. Louis never would have had its own program to start; St. Clair County would have run it all along.

We know we're wasting our breath but: Save the taxpayers some money and drop the lawsuit.

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