November 7, 2013 

Melissa's family vacation photos -- present and past

This is the actual text my friend Teresa sent after I told her we took “Old Time Photos” on our vacation. Really? She is a germaphobe, but still, it hadn’t even occurred to me until she sent that ominous text! By the way, using a smiley face emoticon does not make it ok to worry someone about lice!

But hey, when you’re in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, it’s practically mandatory to have those photos taken. Mainly because there’s a shop every 50 feet or so on the strip. And you’re so hopped up on fudge (also every 50 feet), it seems like a good idea at the time. Bella liked dressing up as a girl from the Wild West and John looked like a bonafide bank robber. I just like costumes so I didn’t even need a sugar high to get me in the dress that isn’t really a dress (it just has ties in the back so it fits everyone, remember those?).

And it felt like we were carrying on a vacation tradition, as my family posed for an Old Timey Photo in Branson one year. My mom and I went with the more sophisticated ladies who wear hats and lace dresses (instead of saloon girls) but my brother and dad still looked plenty ornery. They told us not to smile and we didn’t!

So the next time you’re in Branson or Pigeon Forge (any tourist area really!), take a break from the taffy and funnel cakes and step back in time. I just hope you don’t get lice : )

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