Look beyond Christianity

November 8, 2013 

Lee Harris, in his letter Oct. 29, "Who founded your church," showed unmistakable intolerance, egocentricity and plain ignorance.

Religions formed hundreds of thousands of years ago starting with tribal groups like Neanderthals 225,000 BCE. They represent the primordial beginnings of ceremonial rites; they buried their dead with ceremony.

Gobeki Tepe is one of the oldest places of human worship 9180 BCE. Sumerian religions 3500 BCE. Hinduism 3300 BCE. Egyptian religions 3100 BCE. Judaism 2000 BCE; the Torah was written 950 BCE. Zoroastraism religion 1700 BCE. Jainism 800 BCE. Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, 6th to 5th century BCE. Greco-Roman religions 500 BCE. Islam 670 CE.

Now we come to Harris and his religion, Christian universalism or the Universalist church. Adam Streeter founded this movement in 1785.

The Catholic Church is by far the oldest Christian Church, with more than 1 billion adherents. Christianity was formed through many pagan religions, ceremonies and holidays. Paul (not Christ) is the true founder of Christianity, along with James, Peter and a few others.

There are approximately 2 billion Christians in this world of 7 billion people, that leaves 5 billion people who differ from Harris' belief; he is in the minority.

He has chosen to reject all other religions' gods, Muslims, Hindus, etc., even within his own religious sect. This is a problem that all religions think they are right. If all religions are not right, then they must all be wrong.

Read Robert G. Ingersoll on Jesus.

Dan Weaver


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