Just another Medicare scam

November 8, 2013 

I am writing this letter to give notice to those persons of authority in the U.S. government who control the disbursement of Medicare payments to medical care providers in the prosthetic industry who are conducting an ongoing scam.

For over 50 years I have walked this earth on an artificial leg that I made for myself. Wearing an artificial leg requires that you wear a prosthetic sock that is form fitting and thick enough to hold the artificial leg on to a limb by suction. During the last 50 years I have been able to purchase 100 percent wool prosthetic socks from local vendors. One hundred percent wool is the best material for prosthetic socks.

Recently, I attempted to purchase prosthetic socks from a number of local prosthetic businesses. I was refused the purchase because I did not have a physician's recommendation and a prescription.

I do not need a physician to provide a recommendation or prescription and will not participate in this scam by the prosthetic industry. I will now make my own prosthetic stump socks and do what I can to stop this abuse of Medicare and the medical industry.

Charles D. Sullivan


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