Bullying still a big problem

November 8, 2013 

Bullying in schools has been such a focus of concern the past few years that we thought the problem might be starting to subside. But if Granite City's experience is any indication, the problem may be worse than ever.

Superintendent Jim Greenwald said it's not uncommon to have 65 pages of things that happened on Facebook and Twitter the night before that spill over into the classroom. That's right, 65 pages to deal with in a day.

And then there's the 12-year-old student at Coolidge Junior High who suffers from hair loss. She has had her wig and bandanas pulled off by other students and has been urged to "go kill herself."

Greenwald said the district has handled that particular problem. We hope that means suspensions or expulsions for the students responsible. That's unconscionable behavior.

But about the ongoing problems: Parents, do you know what your children are doing at school and at home on the Internet? A united and consistent effort by parents and school personnel is needed if we hope to get a handle of bullying.

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