Real estate: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

November 10, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, including St. Clair and Madison counties:



* 2926 Fourteenth Fairway Drive; from Jerry W. Rodgers and Patricia Rodgers;f to Jason B. Ham and Rachel L. Ballor; $260,000.

* 23 Garnette Drive; from James E. Schrad and Janet K. Schrad; to Stanley D. Templeton Jr. and Sherri A. Schrad; $25,000.

* 2915 Turkey Hill Lane; from C. Ann Rubin; to Danny S. Lane II and Amy Lane; $175,000.

* 300 Sandra Drive; from Steven Keel and Cynthia Keel; to Steve E. O'Neil; $116,000.

* 49 Lakeview Drive; from Lisa Kerhart; to Christopher R. Kraft; $115,000.

* 508 Oak Hill Drive; from Dennis P. Schnek; to Jeff Pollock and Amy Pollock; $172,500.


* 911 St. William; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $36,500.

* 18 Edgar St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $34,500.

* 514 St. Barbara; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $40,000.

* 307 Isabell St.; from CRInvestments LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $31,500.

* 40 W. Adams Drive; from CRInvestments LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $37,500.

* 1826 Harvest Ave.; from Prairie State Properties LLC; to James P. Clark; $19,000.

* 310 Plum St.; from James R. Rogers; to Rachell V. Weber; $3,500.

* 217 St. John Drive; from Wayne Dixon and Tanya Dixon; to CRInvestments LLC; $46,000.

* 217 St. John Drive; from CRInvestments LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $32,500.

* 403 Green St.; from Nancy K. Peterson and Jerry W. Peterson Sr.; to Elite Properties Investments LLC; $10,000.


* 404 Miranda Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Gerald Cutes Jr.; $70,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 861 Harbor Woods Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Robert Sperry; $142,000.

* 301 Jubaka Drive; from Shirley J. Sedlak; to Michael V. Yingst and Marcia F. Yingst; $154,500.

* 1 Bountiful Drive; from Kerley Properties LLC; to Robert T. Guenterh II and Dawn P. Guenther; $166,500.

* 310 Coates Drive; from Richard Clark Gould; to Jill Pirtle; $50,000.


* 1212 Gulfstream Way; from New Tratition Homes LLC; to John A. Aldredge IV; $247,000.

* 209 E. South St.; from Jeannette Materkowski Trail; to Dale F. Vogel; $20,000.

* 840 Topaz Court; from CPR Properties LLC; to Cindy L. Harlan; $175,000.


* 6605 Augies Way Place; from Gary A. Cranmer and Patricia M. Cranmer; to Kiwan P. Guyton and Karen C. Butler; $198,000.

* 3310 Diamond View Court; from Garrett E. and Herschel E. Johnson Real Estate & Development LLC; to Timothy G. Heisler and Jerry L. Pierce; $194,500.


* 909 Meadowlark Drive; from James A. Awerkamp and Karen M. Awerkamp; to Travis A. Miller and Tara L. Miller; $161,500.

* 7064 Milburn Estates Drive; from Jace R. Staponski and Jordan E. Staponski; to Kelly J. Luzum and Latash S. Luzum; $198,000.

* 905 Sturbridge Trail; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Mark A. Lorenzo Jr. and Kathy J. Lorenzo; $259,500.

* 860 Allenbrook Ave.; from Gerald C. Rawle; to Jeremy J. Stuursma; $225,000.

* 936 Sturbridge Trail; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Robert J. Swanson and Penny K. Swanson; $198,000.

* 1203 Princeton Drive; Keena Tomlinson; to Zachary Mias and Gwyn Mias; $137,000.

* 629 Longfellow Drive; from Richard Vanthiel and Clauda Vanthiel; to Edward D. Knell Jr.; $342,000.

* 1210 Marshall Court; from Scott Anger and Robin Anger; to Jeffrey Lightfoot and Tisha Lightfoot; $215,000.


* 133 Montrose Court; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Brian M. Bushong and Christine M. Bushong; $204,500.

* 2578 London Lane; from JLP Construction Co.; to James H. Buchheit and Julie M. Buchheit; $245,000.


* 502 S. Hickory St.; from Joyce Tipton; to Ryan Thessing; $78,000.


* 1810 Ambrose Terrace Drive; from Gholnecsar Muhammad; to Maher Mahmod and Wafa Mahmod; $60,500.

* 5 Brian Drive; from John Hunsaker; to Mary M. Parsons and Elizabeth Parsons; $127,500.



* 3217 E. Leverett Court; from Harold W. Love, Mildred E. Love, Love Family Revocable Living Trust; to Jean S. McDonough; $175,000.

* 3849 Omega St.; from Harriet G. Ayres; to Thomas M. Horstman; $64,000.

* 1633 S. Rogers Ave.; from Veda E. Fowler, Ronnie L. Fowler, Benny D. Fowler; to Roy E. Fowler and Jennifer Scheldt; $30,000.


* 319 Williams St.; from Austin W. Opp and Margaret L. Opp; to Jacob R. Carlson and Christina B. Carlson; $108,000.

* 201 Whispering Oaks Drive; from Steven P. Campbell and Donnell M. Campbell; to Matthew W. Siemer; $182,000.


* 1 Jennifer Lane; from Robert D. Burroughs and Eric A. Burroughs; to Brian K. Rader and Alma Pulliam; $200,000.


(*225*) 20 S. Williams St.; from Norma J. Miller and Robert G. Miller; to Jason Vatole; $79,000.


* 624 Rozier St.; from Allen F. Radcliff and Deborah L. Radcliff; to Lee A. Dick and Kimberly D. Dick; $105,000.


* 67 Christmas Tree Point; from James Copanas and Sherica Copanas; to Darrel Price and Sherran Price; $168,000.

* 503 Chapman St.; from Jennifer Roland and William Roland; to Herbert L. Heaton; $159,000.

* 1387 Biscay Drive; from Kort Herman and Rebecca Herman; to Steven Campbell and Donnell Campbell; $205,000.

* 3722 N. Arbor Lake Drive; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Christopher Drake and Debra Drake; $796,000.

* 70 Devon Court; from Shane Richardson, Patrick Walker, Jamie Walker Richardson; to Josia Romoser; $78,000.

* 541 Overlook Drive; from Kent Patterson and Jo Ellyn Patterson; to Lance Haynes; $153,500.

* 24 Meadow Woods Court; from Roger L. Stewart and Linda K. Mohr; to Benjamin Schroeder and Lisa Schroeder; $256,000.

* 21 Halleck Ave.; from Diane M. Jacober, Kathryn D. Brumitt, Charles W. Hogue Jr., Carol H. Hogue, Tamara B. Hogue, Maxine M. Hogue; to Joy Horton; $139,000.

* 901 Chancellor Drive; from James H. Wible and Sherrill W. Wible; to Harith Mitchom and Shavonda Mitchom; $236,000.

* 1492 Kadd Ave.; from Lou Ann Rhymer and Stanley E. Hunt; to Jason Tetzlaff and Sara M. Wray; $88,000.

* 120 Pleasant Ridge Drive; from Kevin K. Kieffer and Dena M. Kieffer; to Henry L. Goff and Laura S. Goff; $279,500.

* 449 Monticello Place; from Lisa M. Ligibel and Betty J. Steele; to David Reeve and Kelly E. Reeve; $187,500.


* 37 Joel Drive; from Robert Kepner and Jennifer L. Kepner; to Gina M. Schultz and Stephen A. Schultz; $165,000.

* 7 Cedar Lane; from Charles C. Ho.; to Matthew Joyce and Amber Joyce; $136,000.

* 7038 Augusta Drive; from Charles M. Dawson and Charlee A. Dawson; to Catherine Mikolay; $218,500.


* 1008 Richard Drive; from Craig E. Arnold and Meghan J. Arnold; to Erica L. Price and Elnora A. Hand; $139,000.

* 2907 Godfrey Road; from Kendall Anderson and Randy Riekena; to Richard D. Darr and Tonya R. Darr; $116,000.

* 1008 W. Delmare Ave.; from Deborah S. Lafleur, Diane R. Valendy, Darr Family Trust; to Peter Vambaketes; $80,000.


* 2749 Sunset Drive; from Wise Choice Properties LLC; to Justin Bilich; $80,000.

* 2 Nightingale Court; from Paul A. Roseman and Rowena L. Roseman; to Ricky A. Boyer; $110,000.

* 2800 National Ave.; from Cheryl Reisenleiter and John Reisenleiter; to Newton J. Tilson; $79,000.

* 5126 Stacey Drive; from Randy A. Odom and Tamara R. Odom; to Stephen R. Blythe and Linsey E. Manalia; $96,500.

* 2812 Edgewood Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Thomas A. Reed; $22,400 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3 Iris Ave.; from James B. Woods; to Duane K. Talbert; $97,000.

* 4733 Danielle Court; from RP Lumber Co.; to Matthew Wiwczaroski and Heather Wiwczaroski; $168,500.

* 5 Hanson Drive; from Eric Hill and Christian Hill; to John Henderson and Melody Henderson; $146,000.


* 201 Cassens Ave.; from Herbert T. Glaser and Staci L. Glaser; to Justin Hemmer and Elizabeth Bell; $123,000.


* 4801 Cedar Spring Drive; from Steve Hufford and Jennifer Hufford; to Kelsey Horner; $195,000.

* 1411 9th St.; from GSG Properties LLC; to Bert T. Gatlin; $125,000.

* 1600 Poplar St.; from August R. Brecht and Enma A. Brecht; to Ryne Weiss; $78,000.

* 1405 14th St.; from David K. Cason; to Drew A. Cress and Ashley M. Newton; $64,000.


* 7 Northwood Ave.; from Dorothy M. Funderburk and Alvin C. Funderburk; to Michelle R. Monday, Michelle R. Monday Trust; $96,000.

* 6826 Hampshire Court; from Natha A. Scott, Abigail S. Scott, Abigail L. Scott; to Stephen R. Chapman; $150,000.

* 824 Oakridge Drive; from Jeffrey K. Silvey and Julia K. Silvey; to Ralph J. Shinevar Jr. and Alice A. Shinevar; $200,000.


* 2825 Beth Ann Court; from Dettmer Homes of Illinois LLC; to Jon P. Roderick and Michelle L. Roderick; $178,500.


* 312 Avalong Drive; from Deutsche Bank; to Jason R. Imoboden and Erin M. Imoboden; $112,500.

* 34 Meadowbrooke Drive; from Askew Homes Inc.; to John Heater III; $219,000.


* 119 S. 7th St.; from Michael J. Edel and Margie K. Edel; to Eric McRoberts and Michelle McRoberts; $85,000.


* 1734 Fountainbleau Drive; from Michael Craddick and Tanya V. Craddick; to Dillon M. Wesley; $97,000.



* 216 Sarah St.; from John D. Perkins; to Cathy Wilson and Michael Wilson; $175,000.


* 3065 Brandt Road; from Deutsche Bank; to Kristina G. Theel and Marvin Theel Jr.; $129,000.

* 3622 Brandt Road; from U.S. Bank; to John Steingruby and Radmila Steingruby; $150,000.


* 1848 Ziebold Road; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage; to Angela k. Similey and Matthew W. Similey; $70,000.


* 409 Monroe St.; from Dale Mathews Revocalbe Truct and Janet Posey, Trustee; to Jennifer Habermehl; $115,000.

* 217 W. Rose Lane; from Christina L. Hornacek and Steven M. Hornacek Jr.; to Robert J. Cook and Virginia M. Cook; $274,000.

* 5375 Deer Hill Road; from Bonnie J> Shevlin and Thomas R. Shevlin; to Lynda K. Snyder and Steven D. Snyder; $153,500.

* 3544 Jason Drive; from Tod W. Kramer; to Whitney T. Snover Jr.; $165,000.

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