List of 'best practices'

November 11, 2013 

Following is the Pastoral Plan for Parish Renewal and Restructuring "Best Practices" for partnered parishes:


* Combine Mass schedules for holy days of obligation

* Plan to rotate Easter Triduum schedule

* Celebrate Confirmation together

* Share music directs and choirs

* Hold joint Reconciliation services

* Alternate priests/preachers on occasion

* Sponsor joint training for liturgical ministers from several parishes

* Schedule joint celebrations for anointing the sick (followed by a social)

* Plan shared/rotating devotions (Stations of the Cross, Perpetual Help novenas, etc.)

* Rotate Memorial Day prayer services at nearby Catholic cemeteries

Faith Formation

* Joint programs for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

* Share upcoming parish mission

* Combine Parish Schools of Religion (PSR)

* Join together for summer vacation bible school

* Combine youth ministry in several parishes

* Merge Pre-Cana and marriage preparation sessions

* Conduct annual multi-parish Day of Recollection

* Share weekly "Adult Faith Formation" evenings with parish partner


* Work together "Hungry Hearts" project for poor children during summer

* Combine outreach to nearby college/campus students

* Combine outreach at Cosgrove Kitchen/bus meals

* Join together with partner for various socials/dinners

* Create a multi-parish "call list" for senior transportation to parish events

* Implement shared program for outreach to inactive/alienated Catholics

* Hold annual parish families picnics (not fundraisers) for partner parishes

* Coordinate ministry to Hispanics

* Share a "sister parish"/missions

* Combine St. Vincent de Paul activities


* Share a deacon

* Monthly meetings of parish partner leadership groups

* Share a parish bulletin

* Consider one parish office

* Create parish partnership Facebook page

* Establish joint finance committee

* Discuss standardizing data/information systems between partner parishes

* Share a business manager or bookkeeper

* Share health insurance coordinator

* Hold occasional staff meetings in common

* Future retirement of staff person: new hire made by both parishes

* Invite one representative from partner parish to Pastoral Council meetings

* Publish joint parish partnership directory

* Consider combining parish groups, e.g. men's/women's groups, sodalities, Knights of Columbus

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