Reaction to Dunstan

November 11, 2013 

In the absence of a salaried public relations specialist who warrants front-page exposure, allow me to respond in 250 words to Madison County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan. CAD = Dunstan; BOB = Bonds on Ballots.

CAD: "... a clear distortion of the facts by (county Treasurer Kurt) Prenzler and others." BOB: Since Aug 28, CAD never once mentioned abatement of taxes or reduced spending in other areas. First mention was Nov. 7. Distortion by whom?

CAD: "... members of the Tea Party." BOB: Who is talking politics here? BOB petition collectors never mention politics. All collectors mention is the voter's right to vote, and taxpayer's right to know what the money is for.

CAD: "... a jail ... which has critical needs". BOB: Critical needs? What needs and what urgency? The public was never told.

CAD: "... abate taxes," a nice new promise. BOB: OK, abate for 2014. Then in 2015 never abate again for the remaining 20 years of the $18 million bond? Does anyone expect county government to keep this promise?

CAD: "... the 2014 tax levy will increase $595,000." BOB: Oh, really? $18 million plus interest for 20 years is $1.3 million a year, not $600,000.

CAD: "BOB has the right to collect signatures. But ... sometimes when you are in county government ... you have to make a decision for the people because you know more about the project than they know." (KMOV Nov. 4) BOB: Better known as, "The voters are too stupid" rule.

Rod Spears


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