Public shut out on borrowing

November 11, 2013 

In his response to my Oct. 31 letter, blogger Bob Rice stated: "Engineers say the cause of the condition of the Madison County Jail is 'aging;' the building is 30 years old." Really? So, I guess we will start replacing all county buildings soon, huh? Ever hear of maintenance? Ever hear of taking care of your facility? If your home is 30 years old, do you rip out all of the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems and replace them? This building has been renovated twice since its construction.

Rice seems to have no understanding of how or why our illustrious board voted for this. According to him, the board did what the law says to do. Check out which member has a vested interest in this renovation.

A back-door resolution is just that, a back door meaning they want to keep facts hidden from the public until it's too late to wise up. It is legal, but it is highly unethical. This play is used by every taxing body to get what they want. Ever wonder why your taxes go up every year? Maybe shenanigans like what the county board did is one reason.

This jail has passed all state inspections relating to operational readiness and inmate accommodations. Furthermore, this new bond issue will add not one new jail cell. So much for overcrowding. Madison County politics as per usual.

Roddy D. Riggs


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