Just don't buy insurance if you don't want it

November 11, 2013 

If I were one of the many folks who don't want medical insurance or had a policy that was being canceled, I would revolt. A good revolution is good for a nation once in a while.

Just don't buy insurance if you don't want it. Refuse to use the exchanges and don't pay the fine. There are not enough cells in all the prisons for people who would do that. It would be a quiet revolution without a shot being fired.

Those who will benefit from Obamascare are those who are too lazy to work, too busy having children without benefit of fathers present or those too busy robbing for a living (something in the neighborhood of 50 million adults).

I am fortunate to have very good insurance but the cost will likely go up and I'll be on one of Obama's death panels.

Also, a recent letter hit it right on the head. Homosexual marriage is a sham no matter how many laws are passed legalizing it. It the eyes of God it is sinful and shameful.

H. Ray Sigler


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