Enough already

November 12, 2013 

I am quite satiated from reading Bill Malec's letters in this publication, the O'Fallon Progress and The Air Force Magazine. I counted15 letters that you have published by this oracle of O'Fallon just since July 5. The subjects have covered everything and anything, much of what I, and others, consider to be minutia and trivia.

Malec's latest contribution to our edification was on Oct. 29 and you considered it to be of such significance that it received top billing on the letters section. The subject was Tim Cantwell's position as Mid-America Airport director. The letter, after drawing comparisons to "Dancing with the Stars" and St. Louis Ram Sam Bradford's injury, failed to express a definite and clear opinion as to whether Cantwell should be retained. Malec did manage to suggest that no one seemed to be qualified and waiting in the wings.

I can only conclude from the frequency and often mundane subjects of Malec's letters that you do not have enough submissions from your readers for a better selection in the Opinions page. That is unfortunate, as it does not reflect any great credit on your readers. his deficiency is of particular note when you seen to have an abundance of unsigned letters for inclusion once a week.

Why so many readers are willing to submit unsigned letters is beyond my comprehension. At least Malec's letters are signed, even if the opinions expressed are of the ordinary and the subjects usually insignificant.

Lee R. Pitzer


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