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November 14, 2013 

In my opinion, the editorial disregarding the opinion of the soundness of the Meredith Home is totally wrong and shows a lack of foresight and creativity. While it may not be feasible for a hotel, which is questionable since there is a sizeable lot for lease at West Washington and Second streets), it would have a new life if converted to offices for the consolidation of the many lawyers who practice across the street daily.

This would consolidate enough current offices so that the entire legal community would have a convenient location for their work while still freeing up many other old buildings which could thenbe either reused for another purpose or be destroyed themselves for a parking area. Ancillary services, such as court reporters, process servers, local offices for other governmental agencies that are scattered around up anddown Illinois street could also locate there

If parking is really anissue , there are many other alternatives all within a block of the Meredith Home. IF it was used as a hotel, parking would be the least important thing to consider. Valet parking(remember it would not be a MOTEL ) could handle the problem, and just having either one (a hotel or large office building) on the square would further re-vitalize downtown with more restaurants, shopping andentertainment opportunities. None of these things would happen if destroyed and turned into a park. (If I win Powerball in the meantime, the question is moot)

Joseph M. Reichert


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