Thanks for caring for vets

November 14, 2013 

As part of their community education program, Hospice of Southern Illinois invited local veterans to view the film "Honor Flight" at a theater in O'Fallon on Sunday. It was free; veterans entered on the red carpet and were thanked by many people for their service. Volunteers assisted all those needing help. Free popcorn and drinks were provided and the 300 seats were full. The "Pledge of Allegiance" was recited, "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "God Bless America" were sung.

The film told the story of veterans visiting the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C., and included archival pictures of various battles plus film taken in concentration camps. Lest we forget.

Thank you to Hospice of Southern Illinois for this special veterans program, during hospice care and for all they do to educate the public on this important issue.

We all must do more; too many unemployed veterans, too many homeless, too many suicides.

Adrienne K. Villotti


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