Perks for protectors are OK

November 14, 2013 

Referring to money spent on libraries, bowling alleys and golf courses at Scott Air Force Base or any military installation.

Libraries, I suppose, are taxpayer funded. It's only fair that military personnel have the same opportunities as the citizens they protect. Libraries provide newspapers, magazines, books and educational materials. Belleville has a library charge for people who did not live in the city limits. I was used to that charge being covered in our property tax.

Bowling alleys I believe receive some taxpayer support, but you pay to use the facilities and eat there, not free.

Golf courses charge according to rank. Anyone with rank would be better going off-base to play golf.

Not all military personnel go home each day; someone is on duty 24/7. No time and a half on weekends, or double time for holidays.

Since "wasting money" is the subject, let's look at government pensions, benefits, TIFs for some people whose business is so good they have to expand parking areas, etc. Creating employment positions for work that does not exist. Excessive number of aldermen, councilmen, board members, superintendents, duplication of duties due to overlapping boundaries of villages, cities and townships.

It seems people don't mind paying for political corruption at the local, state or federal leve but complain about perks for those who volunteer to protect our remaining freedoms. No draft or responsibilities, as in days of old.

Last, where have our morals gone?

Lew Hiatt


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