Ol' timers won't accept all this

November 15, 2013 

Hey, ol' timer, did you ever think you'd witness what is happening to the taxpaying citizen today ? We have an administration that is trying every possible way to control us. Did you ever imagine accepting Gay Scout Masters or feature two people of the same sex saying; "I Do?" Ol' timers surely remember the movement to stop smoking tobacco. Today most of the country has accepted and legalized pot smoking. Yes, ol' timer, they are referring to it as a recreational drug. Did you ever think a sitting judge (always referred to as Your Honor) would jeopardize his reputation and honor by becoming a dope addict ? How about a murderer being sentenced to a life sentence (room and board , 2 meals a day) at taxpayers' expense. Why not the death penalty? I'm sure these revelations have not been accepted by folks that are not ol' timers yet. Wake up, liberals.

Fred Busch


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