Metro-east pet rescue group seeks new home

News-DemocratNovember 16, 2013 

Wanted: A home for about 100 dogs and cats. Must be somewhat isolated but near enough to populated areas for easy adoptions. Must be zoned agriculture. Also should have a reasonable price tag attached.

If you have something like that, Spencer Pet Rescue would love to hear from you. The rescue group needs to move by Dec. 31, said Jeanette Stunkel, rescue director.

The rescue group has been renting space at Spencer Kennels since 2005. But now there is not enough space for both entities to exist at 1405 E. Highway 50 in O'Fallon.

"Both entities have gotten very, very big," said Michelle Parker, owner of Spencer Kennels. "We have tried numerous times to expand but we just can't do it."

Stunkel thought it wouldn't be any big deal to find a new place. But it has been.

"We've been looking for around six months now," she said. "We decided to find a piece of land where we could build. How difficult could that be? Right?

"We didn't think it would be difficult. It's a nightmare."

The rescue group has a few specific needs. They need easy accessibility. She said they can't build too far out of the populated area or no one can find them.

One of their problems is that nobody wants a lot of dogs in the area. The potential for noise apparently is the problem.

"Horses are all right," she said. "They're not a nuisance. But dogs are."

They need at least two to three acres that is zoned agriculture, she said.

"Stuff is outrageously expensive," she said. "We have a donor who has given $25,000 as a start and we can borrow the rest."

"We adopt out 500 to 800 animals per year," Stunkel said. "What's going to happen to all these dogs?"

The rescue has begun refusing to accept pets until it knows where it will go.

"We can't take in anything right now," Stunkel said. "We have about 50-70 dogs and about 50-60 cats."

Stunkel said they have tried a lot of avenues and now they are appealing to the public.

"Maybe someone will have some land somewhere we can buy," she said.

To help, you can call Stunkel at 792-1625.

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