'Some like it hot': Caseyville firefighters crank up the chili

News-DemocratNovember 16, 2013 

— The doors to the Caseyville Fire Department swung open at 11 a.m. Saturday and from then on a steady flow of visitors walked in to the smell of fresh chili and hot dogs.

It was the annual firefighters chili dinner fundraiser.

Tables filled with chili, hot dogs, spaghetti for chili mac and a variety of cakes and pies like sweet potato pies, German chocolate cake, butter cake, apple spice cake and more caught the eyes of everyone who came through the door.

By 1:40 p.m., about 300 people had come to the fire department. The chili ran out and Caseyville Fire Chief G.W. Scott said, "It's too early for that. We had to make more.

"This is the best year ever," he added.

Scott, who has been the chief for 45 years, said the money raised would be used to buy parts to update the fire department's breathing apparatus, which will cost between $13,000 and $14,000. Also, the money will be used to buy gloves, boots and helmets. The department has 30 firefighters.

Scott said the firefighters make the chili at home and bring it to the fire department where it's all placed in one big pot, except for the hot which contains habaneros or jalapenos.

"Some like it hot and the hot chili will set you on fire," Scott said making a face.

To the community who came out to support the event, Scott said, "A big thank you for your support."

Mayor Leonard Black went from table to table to talk to the supporters.

"I am really impressed with the amount of people who showed up," he said. "This shows that the community is coming back together again. They raised more money than they expected to raise. This is a good day in Caseyille and there will be lots more."

Gary Earhart chose the mild chili and he said, "It's good," as he put his spoon into his mouth.

Georgia Scoville, Cleo Dudas and Mary Becker said they left a funeral Mass and decided to have lunch at the fire department. "It was a good choice," Scoville said. Dudas said, "The chili was so good that I went back for seconds."

Some of the people got their chili and other goodies to go. Lucy Skibinski, from French Village, said she was taking dinner home to her husband. She said the money raised would help the fire department tremendously "and other volunteer departments too because they all help each other."

Contact reporter Carolyn P. Smith at 618-239-2503.

Contact reporter Carolyn P. Smith at 618-239-2503.

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