Real estate: What are homes selling for in your neighborhood?

November 17, 2013 

Find out what your neighbor's house is selling for in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 2023 Woodsong Way Line; from Eric Nesler; to George Biehl and Dyan Biehl; $122,000.

* 1508 Bel Aire Drive; from Deanna A. Frazier, Co-Executor of the Estate of Ruth D. Carr, Deceased; to Family Tree Enterprises LLC; $25,000.

* 1972 Reserve Walk Way; from Lauren P. Reeves and Andrew J. Reeves; to Stephen D. Willis; $126,000.

* 609 S. Jackson St.; from Gregg L. Crawford; to Casey M. Woodcock; $280,000.

* 304 S. Belt West; from Steven Neumeyer; to Michael Grand and Michelle E. Turner; $127,000.

* 913 E. Main St.; from Tadd R. Moore and Ellen M. Moore; to Alexander Williams; $105,000.

* 2660 Brookmeadow Drive; from Jesse Stanley and Geraldine Stanley; to David Lattin and Rozanna Lattin; $165,000.

* 1427 Vicksburg Drive; from Mark W. Abright; to Kyle Anderson and Kelly Anderson; $94,000.

* 1013 S. Church St.; from VP $ LLC; to Richard A. Surmeier, as Trustee of Great Falls Land Trust; $2,000.

* 7320 Arke Drive; from Everett L. Hamilton and Pamela L. Roberson; to Kyle Naliborski; $92,500.

* 1912 Cedar Trail; from Cheryl D. Bramlett; to Marjorie J. Cole; $240,000.

* 16 N. 44th St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Shannon Bridges; $17,526 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 120 Kinder St.; from Eric Knaust; to Richard Bricker; $10,000.

* 2 W. Adams Drive; from R & R Investment Properties LLC; to CRInvestments LLC; $29,000.

* 865 Mildred Ave.; from Jeffrey S. Fietsam; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $7,500.

* 9 W. Adams Drive; from Estate of Kisha McCoy, a disabled adult by Sandra McCoy; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $9,500.

* 2035 Maple Tree Lane; from James Gearhart and Rickie Gearhart; to Craig Cholet; $21,000.

* 106 Williams St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $38,500.

* 103 Dorcas Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $42,500.

* 1713 Gay Ave.; from Raven Securities Inc.; to Brian Knox; $1,000.


* 714 Carl St.; from Michael A. Lawrence and Terri A. Lawrence; to Scott Schmacker Sr. and Cynthia L. Muehlhauser; $125,000.


* 520 N. Second St.; from Larry G. Helton and Deborah L. Helton; to BKC Properties LLC; $40,000.

* 658 Manan Drive; from Kyler Lehmann and McKensie Lehmann; to Lorna Williams and John Williams; $98,000.


* 2930 N. 61st St.; from Ronald Mueller Jr. and Brandy Mueller; to Michael Kokotovich and Amelia P. Kokotovich; $90,000.

* 947 Goelz Drive; from Frontside Properties LLC; to American Estate and Trust; $45,500.


* 37 Mark Drive; from Elizabeth C. Parrott; to Corey M. Anderson; $74,500.


* 6212 Country Side Lane; from John E. Sebesta; to Adam P. Payne and Abbey L. Payne; $255,000.


* 402 Hillcrest Drive; from June Wileky Isselhardt; to Jana M. Trame; $100,000.

* 214 Roosevelt St.; from Nina O. Belden; to Danelle Dockstader; $75,000.


* 203 N. Benton; from Ronald L. McFadden; to Eric Becker; $5,000.


* 311 Emily Drive; from Luke Field; to Jennine N. Littlefield; $157,000.

* 725 Victoria Lane; from Stanley Brown and Shirley Brown; to Terry Stevenson and Lynette Stevenson; $277,500.

* 812 Belpre Drive; from James K. Broyles; to Melanie L. Barnett; $177,500.

* 305 Edna Drive; from Edward J. Zalko and Aileen F. Zalko; to Alanna Warhoover; $110,000.


* 3602 Harbor Way; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Victor Augusto Alvarez and Breanne Alvarez; $164,500.


* 6 Deerfield Court; from James F. Fulton; to Jeffery Berry and Angela Berry; $161,000.

* 3894 Michael John Drive; from Valerie Bush; to Michelle Dibadji; $200,000.


* 1308 N. 52nd St.; from Dorothy Mallett; to Calvin Powell; $5,000.



* 3006 Mayfield Ave.; from James Tolle and Ann Tolle; to Alan D. Kincade; $25,000.

* 930 Hawley Ave.; from Terry G. Heigert and Susan Heigert; to Aaron C. Bottoroff; $87,500.


* 519 N. Morrison Ave.; from Jerry W. Christopher and Geogia Christopher; to Andrew S. Bode; $90,500.

* 1546 Douglas Ave.; from Paul Rose and Carmen Rose; to Kasi L. Kalb; $86,000.


* 745 E. Rosedale Drive; from Ryan C. Gatton; to Joel Sutton and Kathi Sutton; $78,000.


* 2002 Butler Blvd.; from Christopher C. Dockery and Monica L. Dockery; to Matthew Jahns; $275,000.

* 3857 Plymouth Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Joshua R. Heil and Lori M. Heil; $336,000.

* 825 Hale Ave.; from Wells Fargo Financial Illinois Inc.; to Erika A. Obrechht and Stanley E. Obrecht Jr.; $67,000.

* 218 Monroe St.; from Whitney L. Barlow and Meghan A. Barlow; to Monica A. Spicer; $135,000.

* 3901 Sequoia Drive; from Kathleen Frank and Michael Frank; to Brian A. Karcher and Mary E. Karcher; $235,000.


* 7007 Augusta Drive; from Relocation Properties Management LLC; to Jacob Newman; $212,000.

* 519 Pepper Hill Court; from Deutsche Bank; to Daniel L. Brinkman and Dena M. Brinkman; $133,000.

* 144 Crystal Gate; from Scott M. Peters and Angela J. Peters; to Randall Thoroman and Hannah Thoroman; $250,000.


* 3325 Terrace Lane; from Gregory G. Williams; to Timothy P. Queensen and Sonya K. Womack; $63,000.

* 3333 Village Lane; from Ronald A. Langsdorf; to Hoai No Ngo and Gia Lam Thi; $98,000.


* 800 Westwood Road; from Sharon L. Buehrer; to Theresa L. Larson; $100,000.


* 5909 Moro Road; from Homer L. Smith and Smith Living Trust; to Christopher D. Edwards and Jill K. Edwards; $180,000.


* 512 Oakwood; from Jeanne M. Hancock, Susan J. Ameiss, Robert J. Hancock;t o carol A. Hancock and Evelyn A. Hancock; $115,500.


* 614 Maurice St.; from United Community Bank; to James R. Roettgers; $60,000.



* 9428 Booster Station Road; from David J. Holmes and Tracey L. Holmes; to Marion L. Vicalvi and Stephen B. Vicalvi; $100,000.

* 612 Eckert Lane; from Bonnie C. Everding, Trustee and Dennis W. Everding, Trustee; to Heather B. Schaefer and Matthew A. Schaefer; $150,000.

* 443 Wernings Drive; from Robco Construction Inc.; to Celeste D. Nicolls; $219,000.

* 512 Archview Court; from Clark D. Mathews; to Heather Heck and Scott Heck; $225,000.


* 3440 Sutterville Road; from KEvin M. Buettner, Co-Administrator and Candi L. McGee, Co-Administrator; $250,000.


* 9115 Range Drive; from Derek Phillips and Kelley Phillips; to David Rausch and Michelle Rausch; $7,500.


* 5652 Maeystown Road; from Andrew Brandt; to Emily B. Dependahl; $133,000.

* 5800 LL Road; from Terri Krebel, Co-Administrator and Wiliam Reagan, Co-Administrator; to Eric Van Eck and Timothy W. Van Eck; $71,000.

* 210 N. Market St.; from Russell Services Inc.; to Teresa S. Hatley and William P. Hatley; $80,000.

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