Grant jilted French Village

November 17, 2013 

I recently read an article in your paper regarding the financial predicament of Grant/Illini school district. I live in a Fairview Heights area that happens to be zoned in the East St. Louis school district. Several years ago I served on a committee and we petitioned to be annexed into District 110.

My area consists of approximately 300 households, but it would have been an influx of less than 100 students into the district. We were successful at the Regional Board level. District 110 strongly opposed our annexation and spent taxpayer dollars to fight our annexation and appeal the decision to the circuit court, where we prevailed, and again to the appellate court, where our ruling was reversed.

Had District 110 been managed more appropriately, district leaders would have seen the potential for tax dollars from our tax-paying area. Our area consists mostly of hard-working property owners who pay our taxes, and we funded our own efforts.

Many of us send our children to private schools, and most of us would have continued even had we been annexed into District 110. However, it would have given our children access to important resources unavailble to us because of the poor state of the East St. Louis School District. This could have been a win/win situation.

Perhaps District 110 does need a change, not just in its tax rate but in the administration to ensure that the extra tax dollars the district receives are well-managed.

Shawn Denison

Fairview Heights

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