Obama's failed promises

November 17, 2013 

Well now the debt had to go up even more, or we would be in some financial trouble. So now we are $17 trillion in debt. Obama said before he got elected back in 2008 that he would bring the debt down by one-half when it was only at a few trillion.

So what happened to cutting it? How many more times will the ceiling have to be raised before it finally goes down? He also promised that he would bring the unemployment down to under 6 percent, and we are still waiting on that as well. He has managed to bring it down, but only by so much. Where are the rest of the jobs that were promised?

To the Sound-off caller in the Oct. 28 paper, the person said he didn't have any trouble getting on a site to get Obamacare. Well many probably will be able to get on, and like what they see and all, but what about those who can't get on, or find out their premium is much more than they can afford, or they end up not being able to keep the health care they have.

I'm sure it will work for some, and many people will like it, but for the most part I hear mostly negative stuff about the site, and people's premiums going up to were they can't afford to keep it, and so on. What about all them?

Lori Felts


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